• Du musst stupide auswendiglernen? Optis...

Du musst stupide auswendiglernen? Optisch ästhetische Lernblätter helfen dir.


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Due to my studies, I am more than familiar with the annoying memorization and knowledge-on-time. I developed the method, it's not innovative in itself, of arranging my learning sheet in such a way that I enjoy looking at it and am proud of it. This works best with many colors, different headings and the most important thing: landscape format. This leaves more space for creative drawings and representations of the learning content, and the memory does not have to read from top to bottom, but can take a holistic view of the page. I've also noticed that creating study notes on the iPad is a lot quicker and a lot less frustrating if you make a mistake, since you can undo anything at any time. Experts speak of a learning method that is said to be particularly effective imagining an empty space and placing learning content to be memorized in it. The aesthetic tutorials come pretty close.

In tutoring lessons, learning slips are always my AundO. The learning content in schools is rarely well-structured or beautifully presented. Often it's just an undefined heap of information where the top can't be seen. I've had tutoring students who couldn't name the current topic because they lost track. Collaborative learning sheets provide a clear path to relevant memory content while graduating other associated learning content. So one can remember certain details, their position, relevance and other associations.

I've included one of my study sheets above so it's clear what I mean. 

I can say to this day that I can accurately describe the location of some details from lectures a year ago. I can name the color and location. 

Maybe it's a method for you too, it's worth a try. I promise it's quite a lot of fun to design such an aesthetic learning sheet ;)

Have fun with your studying.

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